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Henri Bourgeois - Miljö & Klimat - Ward Wines

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Henri Bourgeois – Miljö & Klimat

Henri Bourgeois and sustainable viticulture – this is how we work!

We have taken the following actions in the vineyard

 – Working the soil and weeding to limit erosion and preserve the Terroir potential

– Large attention to the soil microbial life and if we judge that the soil is not working well, use of microbial life activator.

– Maximum use of compost for fertilization.

– Use of rainwater for a better efficiency in the protection of the vineyard.

– As much as possible use of ”NODUVERT” products that are very respectful of the environment.

– Phytosanitary protection of the so-called ”reasoned” vineyard, all the operations are dictated by the surveillance of the cryptogamic diseases of our vineyard and by the follow-up of the Sancerre Winemaker Viticulture Agency (Sicavac).

– CMR products are excluded from our vineyard management.

And in the cellar – the majority of our vats are stainless steel to facilitate cleaning, limit the amount of cleaning products, reduce the volume of water used and restrict the volume of wine effluents.

We are recycling all our waste through third party companies

– In the vineyard – the bags of fertilizer; cans, bags and boxes of phyto-pharmaceutical protection products are recycled by our suppliers following the ADIVALOR industry policies

– In the cellar – all empty cans of oenological and hygiene products are recycled by certified professionals for the treatment of waste (ex: ADIVALOR); glass, cardboard, paper, wood, plastics also go through professional recycling.

– The viticultural effluents are treated organically by the local water management agency (Cuma de la Colette) that we helped created and we are part of the board of directors.

The oenological by-products also follow a dedicated and professional recycling:

– Recovery of scale creams and filtration earth by our supplier (FAURE)

– Recovery of the marcs by the local service provider: a part for methanation and mainly for – the production of compost by enriching it with organic matter.

– The raw materials of our compost must be sourced from within a radius of 50 km maximum.

– The tractors working the soil (the most time-consuming work) are small machines that consume very little and we have chosen not to take the air conditioning option to consume less fuel

– Unlike many of our colleagues, we do not burn shoots – we prefer grinding them for the maintenance of our soil by increasing the rate of organic material and limit the amendments.

Our gravity cellar is buried and therefore limits the use of energy to cool the vats. The gravity work makes it possible to limit the use of pump and consequently of energy, while improving the valorisation and the quality of our wines.

– We recycle the energy of our cooling group to produce of hot water used for sterilization in our cellars.

– For the sterilization of our bottling equipment, we have chosen to produce hot water with a heat pump, that is to say a natural fluid whose impact on the Global warming is much less important than standard HFC refrigerant gases.

– We promote the use of dry materials from our local suppliers, and we are vigilant on the place of production to limit the carbon footprint related to transport.

– The screw cap bottles are lightened to limit also the carbon footprint related to the transport of these to our customers and us.

No certification to the vineyard at the moment

It prevents us from the use of bio control products and thus encourages more use of copper to fight against mildew. We limit ourselves to a maximum of 3kg of copper per hectare per year. These bio-control products also have the advantage that we spend less often and thus preserve the soil and reduce fuel consumption. We believe that other certifications, such as HVE are not restrictive enough on the use of vineyard protection products (one can be HVE and use CMRs which we have prohibited for several years). However, from the decision-maker to the applicator of the vineyard protection product, all the people working in our vineyard are trained and have a Certiphyto certification

In addition, SAS Henri Bourgeois is certified by Ecocert for the sale, import and preparation of organic wines from our domain Clos Henri Vineyard in New Zealand certified Biogro.

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