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Gemtree - Certified Organic and Biodynamic - Ward Wines

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Gemtree – Certified Organic and Biodynamic

At Gemtree our sustainability, organic and biodynamic credentials have roots as deep as our decades-old vines because we firmly believe it is our responsibility to improve the land for future generations.

Instead of spraying weeds we will recruit flocks of sheep to eat them for us or use our dodge plough to pull them out. Instead of spraying synthetic fertilisers we fill cow horns with fresh manure, bury them and dig them up months later when the manure has transformed into a rich, concentrated fertiliser. Rather than hoping our vineyards are not infected by a fungal outbreak, we spray prepared natural ground quartz over our vines to strengthen the cell walls. If a problem occurs in the vineyard, we use a natural preparation spray to solve it, rather than a chemical.

Beyond farming biodynamically and organically, we use recycled water in our vineyards and have solar panels to power our irrigation pumps, winery and cellar door. We do all of this for the improvement of our land, so we can pass its custodianship to the next generation in a better condition than we received it. 

Gemtree is an energy neutral operationwith a 99 KW solar system on the roof of the winery, 38 KW system in the vineyard and a 10 KW system at the cellar door.  We recycle everything we can from every aspect of the business, keep printed collateral to a minimum and use recycled paper stock wherever possible. In fact, even our wine labels are a unique paper made from sugar cane waste.

Any draining water from the winery is treated and put back onto the vineyards so there is no water going to waste. All vegetative waste (grape marc etc) from the winery is composted then put back out onto the vineyards. Old drip lines are also recycled.

Like the rest of our winery and vineyards, our tasting room has been purpose built to have minimal impact on the environment and is sustainably run. The tasting room was built using recycled materials, is powered by solar panels and uses only rainwater. Even our food scraps aren’t wasted, but instead go straight to our worm farm in the garden.

When the Buttery family took over the McLaren Vale property there existed a 10-hectare barren piece of land that had been cleared for cattle grazing. Within this land there was a creek line overgrown with feral weeds and strewn with rubbish from past farming use. We knew this area needed to be restored to natural bush and wetlands to vastly improve the biodiversity of our vineyard, contribute to the survival of local native species and ensure ecological balance was maintained on the property. In 2001 the local community came together, clearing the rubbish from the creek. Gemtree partnered with Greening Australia to develop the site, planting more than 50,000 native trees and shrubs. The site is now a biodiverse eco-trail and a haven for native birds, plants and animals.

Gemtree are Certified Organic and Biodynamic by Australian Certified Organic, we are a member of McLaren Vale Sustainable Australia Winegrowing program and a member of the Biodynamic Agriculture Association. Gemtree Wines are also globally recognised as organic in Europe, China, Canada and USA.


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