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Lungarotti - Miljö & Klimat - Ward Wines

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Lungarotti – Miljö & Klimat

What initiatives have you at Lungarotti put in place to ensure your winery are run as sustainable as possible?

In Torgiano our winery is sustainable, and I highlight the main activities here:

– Use of organic fertilizer and implementation of soil biodiversity

– 5 meteo station to analyse the climate and intervene effectively only when necessary using products with low environmental impact

– Management of water resources

– Banning of all herbicides

-“Energy from the vine” project: using vineyard pruning cuts to produce thermic energy;

– Photovoltaic system to produce the electric power.

In Montefalco our winery has been certified organic since the 2014 harvest.

How do you work to minimize your carbon footprint?

Since 2011 we have been pursuing ever-improved energy efficiency;

Our major initiatives to minimize our use of electric power, reducing our CO2 emissions and lightening our carbon footprint are:

– Using renewable energy: high-efficiency photovoltaic roof panels installed in 2018 covering 1320 sq.m. fulfill 40% of the company’s energy needs,

– Implementing new, energy-saving equipment with lower environmental impact at the winery to replace older machines with higher energy consumption,

– Participating in projects to compensate our CO2 emissions together with (v. Istituto Grandi Marchi).

Do you have any certifications linked to organic/biodynamic farming, sustainable farming, carbon footprint etc?

  1. Torgiano estate:
    a) VIVA sustainable farming certification ( issued since 2018
    b) Green Heart Quality certification issued since 2017 by the Region of Umbria.
  2. Montefalco estate: organic farming certification since the 2014 harvest.

For more details and copies of certificates, please visit:

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